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8 Garden Resolutions for 2020

What do you plan to do differently in the garden in 2020? Maybe something that didn't work out so well this year, or a project that's been put off so long that it simply must be placed at the top of the list for spring? 

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Leave Your Leaves


You might want to think twice about raking your leaves in the fall, Maryland experts say. 

Here’s why. 

Spotted Lanternfly


Maryland officials have sounded the alarm  that an invasive species called lanterflies — which has had disastrous effects in Pennsylvania — has been found in the state.
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Dave's Garden


 Search over 160,000 plants. Members can chat with other gardeners in  144 active forums, identify plants, pets, birds, and butterflies.
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Brightside Gardens


Brightside Gardens includes 54 neoclassical-themed and deeply personal garden rooms that are more than a feast for the eye. Infused with symbolism and mythology, the gardens represent a dialogue between the head and the heart, truly an autobiographical garden created by Amy (SGGC member) and Chuck Newhall.