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To Help Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work

If you want to make your backyard a welcoming winter haven for birds, some fall tasks call for a laissez-faire approach. Messy is definitely good to provide food and shelter for birds during the cold winter months.
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Spotted Lanternfly

Maryland officials have sounded the alarm  that an invasive species called lanterflies — which has had disastrous effects in Pennsylvania — has been found in the state.
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Fall Garden Chores
Top on our garden-chores list this month: an 8-point program to help us all focus, along with some critical note-taking on the year’s garden.
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Dave's Garden

 Search over 160,000 plants. Members can chat with other gardeners in  144 active forums, identify plants, pets, birds, and butterflies.
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Brightside Gardens

Brightside Gardens includes 54 neoclassical-themed and deeply personal garden rooms that are more than a feast for the eye. Infused with symbolism and mythology, the gardens represent a dialogue between the head and the heart, truly an autobiographical garden created by Amy (SGGC member) and Chuck Newhall.