Spotted Lanternfly

  • Start of invasion? Spotted lanternfly confirmed in Maryland, raising alarm that invasive species could establish here
    Scott Dance
    A spotted lanternfly has been found in a trap in Cecil County, raising concern that the invasive species could soon establish itself in Maryland. The insects can damage or destroy crops and leave porches covered in goo.

  • What are lanternflies? Everything you need to know about the invasive species that could hit Maryland
    Baltimore Sun staff
    Maryland officials sounded the alarm this week that an invasive species called lanterflies — which has had disastrous effects in Pennsylvania — has been found in the state.
    Here’s what experts say Maryland residents need to know.

  • Garden Q&A: Getting rid of tree of heaven, a lanternfly magnet
    Ellen Nibali
    With the spotted lanternfly threatening from Pennsylvania, I don’t want to have one of those trees of heaven that attracts them! I’m terrible at identifying trees. How can I avoid having the neighborhood magnet for these pests?

  • Maryland braces for invasion of lanternflies, races to slow their spread
    Jonathan M. Pitts
    Maryland scientists are preparing for an invasion this spring of lanternflies, a speckled, four-winged insect that first appeared in the United States a little more than three years ago.
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