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Description of Show: February Foliage provides structure to our outside gardens, as well as brightening up the inside of our homes during the winter months. A year-round pursuit, gardening doesn’t stop in the winter months. FEBRUARY Foliage will focus on conifers and broadleaf evergreens on the outside and containers and forced bulbs on the inside.

Entries must be entered and passed between 8:00-9:30 am

Judging will begin at 10:00 am 


SECTION A: Outside Cut Specimens 

Classes 1-9: Conifers- Conifer is a Latin word, a compound of conus (cone) and feere (to bear) meaning “the one that bears cones.”  *Not to exceed 18” inches.

1. Abies (Fir)  

2. Pinus (Pine)  

3. Picea (Spruce) 

4. Tsuga (Hemlock) 

5. Cedrus (Cedar) 

6. Chamaecyparis (Cypress) 

7. Juniperus (Juniper)

8. Other 

9: Collection of 3-5 Conifers species- Key Card Required

Classes 10-15: Broad Leaf Evergreen- Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs Provide Color Year-Round, Making Winter Interest in the Garden Easy. * Not to exceed 18” 

10.  Magnolia

11. Ilex (with leaves and berries)

12. Mahonia (with blooms)

13.  Rhododendron

14. Other 

15. Collection of 3-5 Broad Leaf Evergreen Species- Key Card Required

SECTION B: Inside Container Plants 

Classes 15-16: Forced Bulbs “Flowers in February” 

15. Single Amaryllis

16. Other Single Bulb

Classes 17-20: House Plant in Container – Not to exceed 8”- Saucer Must Be Provided.

17. Orchids

18. Flowering (excluding orchids)

19. Non-Flowering

20. Bonsai

     a. Tropical

     b. Evergreen  

Classes 21-22: Cut Specimen of House Plant---*Not to Exceed 18” 

21. Flowering

22. Non-flowering

* Measured from the lip of the container to the tip of the specimen.

Please review the Horticulture Rules

Inquiries concerning the Horticulture schedule should be directed to Horticulture Chairman, Nancy Hill 410-339-3473 and/or

“Gardens are not made by singing “Oh, How Beautiful” and by sitting in the shade.” –Rudyard Kipling

Horticulture Entry Card
How to Complete a Hort Entry Card
How to Complete a Key Card